The University of Chicago

JOIN US SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, for a day-long feast of world-class scholarship and artistic performance as we celebrate the 31st annual Humanities Day at the University of Chicago.
David Wellbery, Professor of Germanic Studies and Comparative Literature, will present the keynote address entitled “Who is Faust?” and examine why philosophers from Hegel to Santayana and writers from Thomas Mann to Paul ValĂ©ry have considered Goethe’s play such a profound statement about the human condition and why the Faust myth is still compelling for us today.
This lecture is just of one of dozens of scholarly treats to be savored throughout the day. Through literature, language, religion, philosophy, history, music, art, and drama we explore what it means to be human. And on Humanities Day at the University of Chicago, we celebrate it. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to engage with some of the foremost humanist scholars in the world. All free of charge!